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Heparin versus Warfarin for Lupus

Lupus can cause blood clots in many different ways. In addition, lupus patients are at higher risk of heart attacks and strokes. Therefore, drugs that thin out the blood (anticoagulants) are often needed. Heparin and warfarin are two examples.

Donald Thomas, MD author of The Lupus Encyclopedia for Gastrointestinal symptoms in lupus blog post


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Dr. Don Thomas, MD

I am Dr. Donald Thomas, MD, a rheumatologist treating hundreds of lupus patients for over 30 years. Read my first blog post here to understand why I started this website and blog about “The Lupus Encyclopedia” and “The Lupus Secrets”.

Dr. Don Thomas also enjoys educating and empowering doctors, medical students, nurses, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and patients.

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