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What to Know about a Lupus Nephritis Urine Sample [2022]

Lupus Nephritis Urine Samples: What They Tell Us

A lupus nephritis urine sample is important for all SLE patients to give regularly. So, click on the video below to learn why giving a urine sample every 3 months is important when you have systemic lupus.
Tip (added July 2022): Try to hydrate yourself with 8-9 glasses of water daily before your urine test. Providing your 1st or 2nd void in the morning will give the most accurate results. If given later than that, a falsely elevated protein sample can occur due to standing, sitting, and walking (called orthostatic proteinuria).

What Dr. Thomas Discusses in the Video

– Why getting a lupus nephritis urine sample is important for all systemic lupus patients
– How to properly collect a urine specimen: Systemic lupus patients should give a urine sample every 3 months per the 2020 EULAR (European Union League Against Rheumatism) guidelines developed for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of lupus nephritis. Catching a mid-stream clean catch sample is best.
– The symptoms of lupus nephritis 
          Did you know that no symptoms are the most common in early lupus nephritis?
– The different kinds of lupus nephritis. We divide them into 5 classes: we usually do not treat classes I and II. Class VI requires dialysis. The classification system does not include all possible results, like “lupus podocytopathy.” 
– Doctors do a kidney biopsy to diagnose lupus nephritis accurately. 
– The importance of diet, exercise, and mindfulness. Practicing “The Lupus Secrets” is one of the best things you can do!
– How it is treated
– What happens when it is not treated? Classes III, and IV usually result in complete kidney failure and the need for dialysis when not treated. This occurs almost 100% of the time.  Yet, many patients can go into remission with treatment if diagnosed and treated quickly. 
– How to get the most out of virtual online doctor visits. 
– An online support group for people who have lupus nephritis. 

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