Do I need a 5th COVID Vaccine AND Evusheld if I have lupus?

Lupus question should I get a 5th COVID vaccine and Evusheld

If you are immunocompromised you should get a 5th COVID vaccine and Evusheld

MoreThanLupus posted a Q and A. The answer is:

The CDC now recommends that immunocompromised people should get a 5th COVID vaccine 4 months after your fourth COVID vaccine. You should get a 4th COVID vaccine 4 months after your third vaccine if you initially received the J&J vaccine.

Examples of being immunocompromised include being on immunosuppressant drugs (such as methotrexate, mycophenolate, azathioprine, belimumab, or rituximab), having an immunodeficiency problem (like hypogammaglobulinemia or common variable immunodeficiency), or have other immune system deficiency problems such as advanced age, diabetes, alcoholism, malnourishment, and many others.

I recommend a 5th COVID vaccine and Evusheld to all my immunosuppressed patients. The research is quite impressive. Over 5000 people received either Evusheld or placebo, then followed over 6 months and longer. It cut COVID infections by 82%, and there was only a 1% difference between Evusheld and placebo regarding side effects. The few Evusheld patients infected had mild infections, while there were two COVID deaths and five COVID ICU admissions in those who got placebo shots (fake shots).

You can read more about both of these in my blog posts, including the benefits of Evusheld and who are the best patients to receive it:

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