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Three Potential Book Covers for The Lupus Encyclopedia 2nd Edition

THE VOTE IS IN! See the new book cover below

315 people voted for the new book cover on Reddit,, FaceBook, Twitter, friends, family, and the expert chapter editors.

The winner is:
The purple cover with 162 out of 315 possible votes, will be the new book cover for The Lupus Encyclopedia 2nd edition

Cover #3 with the large butterfly also did well, it came in second with 93 votes.

The first cover had strong supporters but it came in third with 60 possible votes.

It should be out in print soon, around late Spring 2023.

Until then, the first edition is still pertinent (some things like hydroxychloroquine dosing and eye tests and new meds have changed… go to to learn about the changes)

Now we will see what the Johns Hopkins University Press editors think! Once we have more news we’ll be sure to let you know.


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Donald Thomas, MD



In the comments section, please tell me which you like best. #1 at the top, #2 in the middle, and #3 the bottom one.

Johns Hopkins University Press has designed three potential book covers for the 2nd edition of The Lupus Encyclopedia.

1st book cover choice for The Lupus Encyclopedia edition 2: A Comprehensive Guide for Patients and Healthcare Providers
Cover #1
2nd book cover choice for The Lupus Encyclopedia edition 2: A Comprehensive Guide for Patients and Healthcare Providers
Cover #2
3rd book cover choice for The Lupus Encyclopedia edition 2: A Comprehensive Guide for Patients and Healthcare Providers
Cover #3

For more in-depth information on all aspects of lupus, what causes it, how it is diagnosed, how it is treated, and practical advice for patients and health care providers for its management:

Read The Lupus Encyclopedia, edition 2

Look up your symptoms, conditions, and medications in the Index of The Lupus Encyclopedia

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  1. I prefer cover 1

  2. #2, I like the multitude of butterflies

  3. Cover 3 is my choice thanks for letting us vote.

  4. Cover 2 please.

  5. I prefer design #3…the design is clean, and the font is easy to read.

  6. Cover #3

  7. Number 2

  8. Hi, I definitely like cover 1 best. Good font choices, not too much purple, nice and clean.

  9. Cover #1

  10. Cover 3

  11. I love cover #2 it’s absolutely beautiful!!

  12. Cover # 1

  13. Cover#3

  14. Cover #2

    • Cover #2

  15. Cover #2!

  16. Cover #2

  17. I like number 3

  18. Number two. The crisp boldness of it really catches the eye.

  19. I love the rich colors of the first cover.

  20. Number 2.

  21. My vote is for number 3. I find it clean and crisp and I love the butterfly.

  22. Cover #2

  23. COVER 2
    – It CATCHES “eye attention” much better & the COLOR seems gives a “lift” to the Lupus Patient’s personal approach to living with Lupus.

  24. Cover 3, more interesting!

  25. Number 2!! The contrast is very eye catching

  26. #2 is beautiful, clean, and hopeful

  27. Cover # 3 – Signifies the butterfly rash.

  28. I like #2.

  29. Cover #2

  30. #2 The Vibrant colors are eye catching

  31. #1. I also like #2.

  32. Cover #3 Eye catching, makes me want to see what the book is about!

  33. 3 looks sophisticated

  34. Cover #2 Its simple but bold and it stands out.

  35. Cover 1. Modern. Factual. Not too cutesy. Think about doing this voting again but with the Top 2 final covers! Then you’ll get a more accurate vote.

  36. They are all nice but I like #3 the best.

  37. Cover #2. I like the bright color and the butterflies. Easy to spot at the bookstore or library and on my bookshelf.

  38. #2, like a lot

  39. They are all nice, but I like number two the best.

  40. Cover 2

  41. Cover #3 really caught my eye.

  42. Cover #2

  43. Cover #2

  44. I like number #2

  45. #1!!! It looks clean and elegant

  46. #2 It’s bold and catches the eye.

  47. Cover #2 – The colors are beautiful. The background colors look like they give hope. It also looks more modern than the other ones.

  48. Cover 1, so positively bright, like hope.

  49. Co er 2

  50. Cover 2

  51. Definitely #2! Love the deep color & the butterflies. It will really stand out on bookstore shelves.

  52. Cover #1
    Is beautiful

  53. Cover 3 is visually uncluttered – easy to read & beautiful butterfly. My suggestion would be to include some purple colour on spine or butterfly so it stands out on bookshelf when Im Looking for it among other white covered books

  54. #2 or #3 are pretty! The first one not so much

  55. Cover 2

  56. Cover 3

  57. #2 Similarity to other current lupus designs would seem to make it more readily identifiable with more modern ( i.e. up to date) information. Although I do love the elegant simplicity of the other two designs.

  58. Cover #2 – Great, bold colors!

  59. Cover #2

  60. #1 has a very soft look.

  61. I am at a crossroads between #2 and #3. I will settle on #2.

  62. The purple with all the many butterflies-there are so many of us and I love the illustration of us rising in flight-knowledge shall make us stronger, fly higher and more free.

    • I LOVE how you phrased that, Penelope!

      Donald Thomas, MD

  63. Cover – 2

  64. Cover 2. I like the pattern and colors. (That said, if there were an option without a butterfly, I’d vote for that no matter what. I don’t like the way the butterfly has been co opted as something of a lupus mascot.)

  65. I like cover # 2. It represents Lupus perfectly with the purple cover and little butterflies. Plus the cover really stands out.

  66. Cover #3 is my favorite.

  67. #3 is the one I prefer

  68. cover #2

  69. Number 3

  70. Cover #2, very striking and has a warmth about it .

  71. My votes is for cover #2. It is a very eye catching cover that drew my attention to the book cover.

  72. Dr. Thomas, I love the second cover design, but the clarity of cover three.

    On cover two, the butterflies seem symbolic, indicating we continue to rise despite the battles and the valleys. But the “Second Edition” needs a different font or needs to be in bold for legibility, it’s washed away as is and the Education Seal of Approval and text as well. The stroke of the lines are to thin with the purple saturation.

    Also, “Comprehensive Guide…” seems to be more red than the magenta at the top of the book, which throws off the harmony of the cover.

  73. I like number 3 the best!

  74. I like number 3 the best!

  75. Cover 3. Shows butterfly rash which warns of a possible flare up.

  76. #3 Eyes catching

  77. Number 2 is the most inviting cover.

  78. #2 – gives me a feeling of positivity and hope more than the other options.

  79. Number 3

  80. Cover #3

  81. #3 is my favorite, I like #2, but the simple contrasting bold colors on #3 really draws my attention in a good way. Thank you for all you do Dr. the wealth of knowledge and support you continue to provide to help terribly under represented Lupus sufferers, you are a lifeline for many 🙂

  82. Number 2!

  83. Cover #3

  84. 3 The butterfly is lovely.

  85. Cover#1

  86. Cover # 2

  87. Cover #1 really catches my eye with the beautiful butterfly. It’s different and unique, like each of us are.
    But I truly think any of them would be perfect!

  88. I really like the cover with the darker background. It is eye catching and stands out boldly. I love the butterflies as well that symbolizes lupus.
    Great cover, Dr.T.

  89. I like # 3 as well as it is easier to see the details.

  90. #2 Multiple butterflies symbolizes release from pain all over.

  91. Cover No. 2
    The colors catch my eye; it’s very pleasant and uses the Lupus purple. I’d pick up the book immediately if I saw it.

    • Book cover #1
      This cover leaves me feeling renewed and hopeful. As a person living with Lupus I must always remain hopeful and vibrate positivity.

  92. Number 2 I love it! Thank you for all you do for us!

  93. They are all acceptable but I tend to favor #2. It will sit next to the first book which I still refer to when a flare occurs.

  94. Cover 3

  95. Book cover 2.

    Thanks for asking!

  96. I like the simplicity of cover 1 . Bold, colours are good and very clear what the book is about

  97. Number 2

  98. No.2 def stands out more.

  99. Cover #3
    Love the symbol of the butterfly, uncluttered, relaxing to the eyes…not to busy. I would recognize it right away as a lupus book, without reading the title.

  100. Cover 2

  101. Color number 2 (all purple) – it does catch the eye (in a good way), and it reminds me of the malar rash.

  102. number2 colors catch your eye

  103. Cover 2. The the color catches your eye and stands out.

  104. Cover # 2 for sure

  105. #1 will capture the attention of a wider demographic than the other two. There’s no doubt what the topic is, and the value to the reader is in a larger font with italic emphasis that avoids harder-to-read all capital letters. You don’t want people to merely see flashy colors and be mesmerized by the butterflies; you want them to pick up the book and look through it. Then buy it. Why not test people who don’t already have the book or have lupus and are deeply aware what a butterfly rash is or that purple is the color used in lupus promotions? Personally, I think option 1 has a calming background that could signify helpfulness.

  106. I agree. The second one is very eye catching. Makes it stand out!

  107. Cover 2

  108. Definitely Cover #2. The purple represents the awareness color!

  109. #3 it’s pretty good!

  110. No 2 or 4

  111. Number to

  112. Cover #3
    Has the Lupus colors and Butterfly perfectly
    intertwined without being visually overwhelming

  113. Hi, I greatly appreciate your emails. My selection is #3 for the new cover. The butterfly is beautiful and the seal authenticates the seriousness of condition.

  114. No. 2!

  115. COVER #1 GETS MY VOTE!!
    Clean. Precise. To the point..
    The word LUPUS is in Purple … catches my eye immediately!
    The small butterfly to the right looks like it is ready to break FREE & fly!!
    … sublimely suggesting hope to Lupus patients… that things DO get BETTER!!

    In “my opinion” ~
    Cover #2 is far too “busy”… the word Lupus is in white which just fades into the background… doesn’t stand out at all.
    Mixing the red & purple together suggests to me… that the book may be about the ladies in the Red Hat Society. That’s their colors!
    The butterflies near bottom looks like they’re migrating… could be a “nature” book studying the life course of butterflies.

    Cover #3 is very similar to #1
    I like that the word LUPUS in purple but
    the background being just white…looks slightly unfinished.
    The butterfly is just sitting there with wings relaxed…”stagnant”. Suggests to me that there is no movement forward. A book about “coping” but Lupies remain stagnant… with no hope of better days.

  116. Cover 3 is my favorite. The butterfly looks strong, bold and beautiful just like all of us with Lupus.

  117. #1 would be my choice

  118. Cover 2

  119. I prefer #1. I’m looking forward to the new book.

  120. GOOD MORNING! I prefer cover #1
    Good luck!

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