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Lupus and Hepatitis B Vaccine: Endorsed in the CDC guidelines

Lupus and Hepatitis B

Addendum: The recommendations for hepatitis B vaccines changed in 2022. The CDC recommended that everyone, even those without risk factors, get a hepatitis B series if aged 19 to 59 years old.

That is right! Lupus and hepatitis B infection is not a good combination and needs to be prevented. Vaccinations are one way to do this. Many of you reading this post should get the hepatitis B vaccineLess commonly known reasons for getting a Hep B vaccine include:

– Diabetics aged 19 through 59 who have not been vaccinated! People with lupus who have taken steroids are at higher risk for diabetes, so diabetes is not uncommon in lupus patients.
– Anyone with fatty liver disease. Unfortunately, most systemic lupus patients are over weight due to many reasons. They therefore are at higher risk of fatty liver disease.
– An ALT or AST (liver blood tests) greater than twice the upper limits

Read the below link to learn why these groups should get a hepatitis B vaccine per the CDC

Here is the CDC’s rationale for these groups getting vaccinated as well as a list of other at risk individuals who should get vaccinated:

Many of you reading this should get it based upon this and you (and possibly even your doctor) did not know.

The importance of lupus and hepatitis B: Get your hepatitis B vaccine. Getting all your vaccines to prevent potentially deadly infections is part of “The Lupus Secrets.”

Dr. Donald Thomas, MD

Photo shows a man with jaundice (note the yellow eyes) due to hepatitis. (photo credit = CDC)

Man with yellow eyes due to jaundice from hepatitis
Man with yellow eyes due to jaundice from hepatitis

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