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The Best Lupus Books? Look in the useful list below

Kelli of “More Than Lupus” describes what she considers the best lupus books

What are your favorite lupus books?

The best lupus books should deal with all aspects of lupus, evaluating the best medical evidence. They may also include eating an anti-inflammatory diet, how to deal with chronic disease, and how to tell others about your lupus!

The research is piling up about the importance of eating a diet that is high in omega-3 fatty acids (such as cold water fishes, flax seed, chia seed, walnuts) and limiting the intake of inflammatory foods. Foods that increase inflammation in the body include omega-6 fatty acids (such as found in red meats).

Taking care of lupus is so much more than just taking your medicines. Of course, taking your lupus medicines and never missing doses is essential. However, make sure to learn about and do everything in “The Lupus Secrets” to learn more.

By the way, I appreciate Kelli mentioning “The Lupus Encyclopedia!”

The Lupus Encyclopedia One of the Best Lupus Books
The Lupus Encyclopedia One of the Best Lupus Books per “More Than Lupus”

If you get “The Lupus Encyclopedia” make sure to read the Preface. It gives you practical advice on exactly how to read the book and make it apply to your situation. Make sure to look up all your medicines and learn all about how to use them at the time of surgery, around vaccines, what side effects are actually associated with them (and not just a laundry list like the pharmacy will give you), what do do if you miss doses, how they work, etc.

Click on “Comments” above and tell us what your best lupus books are and why. I would especially like to hear what your favorite anti-inflammatory diet books are that are high quality and do not promise a “cure” for lupus.

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