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Top Dermatologist Tips For Itchy, Dry Skin in Lupus and Sjögren’s [JUN 2023 Update]

posted in All on December 12, 2021 by

Donald Thomas

Quick Advice Guaranteed to Help Most with Dry Itchy Skin:

  • Stop using Dove and other soaps that say they are for dry skin. They are often not good enough for lupus and Sjogren’s
  • Instead of those soaps, get CeraVe Cream

Good Advice on Lupus and Bactrim [per sulfa antibiotic research]

Lupus and Bactrim: List sulfa antibiotics (like Bactrim) in your allergy list if you have lupus

Lupus patients are more likely to have allergies to antibiotics (plus, lupus and Bactrim are a bad combination)

While lupus and Bactrim are

The Lupus Secrets [Practical Tips for Living with Lupus]

posted in All on September 1, 2020 by

Donald Thomas

Do you have lupus, then you absolutely want to learn about follow The Lupus Secrets so that you can learn practical tips for living with lupus?

Do you know someone who has lupus?

Are you a healthcare provider wanting to