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Lupus and COVID vaccine: Tested in the clinical trials = safe and effective!

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Donald Thomas

Lupus and COVID vaccine: Dr. Thomas recommends not waiting to his patients, read below…

Research regarding the COVID vaccine and lupus patients continues to be done. Should you wait to get yours? Dr. Thomas answer this question below:

“I’ll tell you what I tell my patients, “PLEASE, get your COVID-19 vaccine as soon as it is your turn! However, make sure to ask your doctor first” Why? People are dying left and right. People who did not ever think they would get it – get it. Just this week, I have had 3 patients tell me the horrible, sad story of a loved one or friend who recently died. One was on a ventilator 12 weeks…. 12 weeks! Guess how many similar stories I’ve heard about the COVID-19 vaccine… none.

The COVID-19 vaccines are the most studied vaccines EVER. No vaccine comes close. Over 70,000 people were in the clinical trials for Pfizer and Moderna. And now… millions have been given out with no bad safety signals. Sure, you will have a very sore arm for a week. Sure, you may have achiness, headache, and low-grade fever for a few days. There is always the chance for an allergic reaction (true for any medicine or vaccine … I took my EpiPen with me, just in case.) I’ll take these mild side effects any day over being in the ICU on a ventilator where I could die alone, only able to see my loved ones on FaceTime.

True, patients with autoimmune diseases were excluded from the clinical trials. True, immunosuppressed patients were as well. However, that goes with all vaccine phase I-III clinical trials. If you want to wait for research on lupus patients. You will wait a very long time.

Lupus and live vaccines are a bad combination if you take strong immunosuppressants. They are OK to take with weak immunosuppressants. 

Caveats … there is always the possibility you may not have as strong of a response. However, thus far, lupus patients respond very well to other vaccines.

Bottom line: Fear COVID-19 … don’t fear the vaccine.

“Fear COVID-19; Embrace the vaccine!” 

Lupus and vaccines are an important combination in preventing dangerous and deadly infections.

Thanks to Kelli Roseta of “More Than Lupus” for publishing “Ask Dr T
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Don Thomas, MD, author of “The Lupus Encyclopedia” and “The Lupus Secrets

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