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Johns Hopkins Lupus Center Reviews: 2025 Sunspots & Milder Lupus?

Johns Hopkins Lupus Center Reviews: Could sunspots in 2025 lead to milder lupus?

Largest sunspot in 2014 picture by NASA may predict lupus flares

2014 photo by NASA showing an 80,000 mile long sun spot (the length of 10 Earths side by side). Photo source Wikipedia Commons and NASA, Greenbelt, MD
Johns Hopkins Lupus Center reviews of sunspot patterns: lupus disease activity varies with sunspot cycles

– The Johns Hopkins Lupus Center reviews many ways that lupus is affected by the environment. It appears that the pattern of sunspot formation may be one of them.
– Previous research in Germany suggested health changes related to magnetic storms and sunspots (specifically while studying heart attacks by Halberg F, et al.)
– The Lupus Clinic at Johns Hopkins compared disease activity in their center from 1996 to 2020 and compared it to solar cycles, sunspots, and geometric disturbances.
– They found that increased sunspots (called solar maximum in the solar cycle) was followed by lower disease activity on average in their patients.
– Increased geomagnetic activity was also associated with lower disease activity.
– This is another study suggesting how important our environment is regarding lupus. 

When will there be milder lupus activity as predicted by sunspots?

– Of course, this is all hypothetical, and this research needs to be reproduced.
– If it is correct, our most recent time of fewer sunspots was DEC 2019 (the least solar activity in 100 years)
– NASA predicts that solar maximum will occur in July 2025 with 115 sunspots (179 is the average)
– The previous solar maximum was in APR 2014 with 114 sunspots. Since Dr. Stojan’s research included that sun cycle, this upcoming cycle should be similar.

– Therefore, SLE patients may look forward to the Fall and Winter, Northern Hemisphere (this was a Northern Hemisphere study) of 2025 as a period of having milder lupus attacks.

Note… this is all very interesting, but I would not put my money on it until further research is done


 Don Thomas, MD, author of “The Lupus Encyclopedia” and “The Lupus Secrets

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NASA: What Will Solar Cycle 25 Look Like?

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