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How to Succeed after Lupus Diagnosis

How to Succeed after Lupus Diagnosis [New & Veteran Patients]

Everyone with a lupus diagnosis: You are in the right place!

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If you have a copy of “The Lupus Encyclopedia: A comprehensive guide for patients and families”:

What if you do not have a copy of “The Lupus Encyclopedia?”

Start including the “Lupus Secrets” into your lifestyle.

Most websites are not updated regularly by doctors

What are the 3 top things to do first after getting a lupus diagnosis?

What if my doctor did not prescribe hydroxychloroquine, sunscreen or vitamin D?

Practicing “The Lupus Secrets” should be a lifelong practice

Get a copy of your records, notes, labs, x-rays, and other results

Read the following subjects (or book chapters)

Anti-malarial Drugs (Chapter 30)

Non-Drug Treatments (Chapter 38)

Common symptoms and how to navigate your doctor’s office (Chapter 40)

Heart attacks, strokes, and blood clots (Chapter 21)

Infections (Chapter 22 )

Cancer (Chapter 23)

Osteoporosis (Chapter 24)

Steroids (Chapters 26 and 31)

General treatment of lupus (Chapter 29)

Complementary and Integrative Medicine (Chapter 39)

Sjögren’s Disease (Chapter 14)

What Lupus is and How it is Diagnosed (Chapter 1)

What Causes Lupus (Chapter 3)

Labs (Chapter 4)

Skim chapters that sound interesting to you; read those that pertain to your situation and interest

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Join a Lupus Patient Advocacy Group if You Have a Lupus Diagnosis