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How to Stop Lupus Hair Loss:

How to stop hair loss! – Yes! You can do things to help!
And learn that much of the time… it is NOT due to lupus

Learn more about hair loss from Don Thomas MD and the Lupus Foundation of America

Discoid lupus causing scarring alopecia

Discoid lupus causes permanent hair loss (scarring alopecia) – it is a medical emergency!

Watch the YouTube videos on how to stop lupus hair loss below and learn:

Lupus and hair loss can be devastating. Dr. Donald Thomas discusses how lupus causes hair loss

– The different types of hair loss are numerous and each have their own treatments. Learn about these possible causes of hair loss.

-Lupus and hair loss symptoms can vary between the different causes. Learn how they can differ. For example, lupus hair breakage where there are short hairs at the frontal areas of the scalp is often times called “lupus hair.” This type of hair loss usually grows back with treatment of the lupus.
– The “difference” between alopecia and hair loss. They mean the same thing. Learn about the origins of the word “alopecia.”
– What you doctor can do to help hair loss in lupus. Dr. Donald Thomas explains why it is so important to see a dermatologist who is experienced in taking care of hair loss.

Nonscarring alopecia from systemic lupus grows back when lupus is treated successfully. Click on the link in this line to see one of my (Donald Thomas, MD) as an example.
– What you can do yourself to help ensure you get the best medical care, a proper diagnosis, and the best treatments available.
Have a “Plan” for when discoid lupus hair loss flares! Discoid lupus flares can leave more skin damage and hair loss each time they occur. The faster you stop the inflammation of discoid lupus with medications, the better. This helps keep the hair loss from worsening.
– Dr. Donald Thomas explains what treatments work and which do not.  He discusses many tips and tricks. For example, did you know that if you take biotin, it should be stopped a few days before all labs? Learn why in this video.

– Did you know that over-the-counter minoxidil is your best best to improve many causes of hair loss? More people try biotin because it is easy to take a tablet every day. Minoxidil requires that you rub it in the scalp twice daily. It is more work, but much more likely to help.
– What you should not waste your money on when it comes to hair loss in lupus. Learn what is the most effective over the counter treatment.
​- Much of the time… it is NOT lupus… learn how to tell and get the proper help

Click above for part 1 above … Part 2 below


Donald Thomas, MD author “The Lupus Encyclopedia” and “The Lupus Secrets


  1. Thank you for this Dr. T. I had a sensitive part of my frontal scalp, post lupus diagnosis. It doesnt hurt anymore, and there is no hair there. Wish I had seen this sooner. Hopefully it helps others just experiencing it.

  2. Can you advise a quality sensitive and interested Dr In NJ 07104 . Since 2008 Have been battling lupus and since 1997 fibromyalgia, rheumatoid and osteoarthritis ,apnea ,migraines,
    sleep paralysis .Heart failure and copd newly diagnosed this year. Pain lever is not helped with meds tried (everything)
    I have no less than 8 Drs and 5 are specialist yet yielding no relief of my pain.Your assistance is greatly anticipated and greatly appreciated. Have complete med coverage. Am willing to travel but closer better.
    Thank you. JB

    • Dear JB: So sorry to hear of your troubles. I am not accepting new patients. In my experience, situations like this can be very difficult, especially when fibromyalgia is a concomitant problem. It is essential that all specialists and doctors send each other notes and communicate. Make sure to get copies of every note, lab, and test result yourself. Make copies, and take to each doctors’ visit. This will ensure highest quality of care.

      I wish you the very best in health and life!
      Donald Thomas, MD

  3. Dr. Thomas,

    I have discoid lupus and have seen many dermatologist. Can you recommend a dermatologist in the Charlotte, NC area? Any recommendation on a medication that would allow my eyebrow hairs to grow back.

    Appreciate all your help


    • Nissa: I do not. If I were in your place, I would call the dermatology departments of the largest medical centers closest to you (those with medical schools are optimal), then ask the receptionist if they are simply a scheduler or an actual staff of the dermatology clinic. Try to connect directly to a derm staff. Then ask, “is there any dermatologist in your department who specifically specializes in ‘medical dermatology’ or lupus?” Then make an appointment with that doc.

      Good luck!

      Donald Thomas, MD

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