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Dr. Donald Thomas gets his extra COVID vaccines: It was easy!

UPDATED September 2021: I cannot wait to get my extra COVID vaccines … specifically my 3rd booster shot!

1/22/21 was a historical day for me! I got my 2nd Moderna vaccine!
​PLEASE… everyone… get yours as soon as you can!

The pandemic is at an all-time high. Get your extra COVID vaccines! Lupus patients on immunosuppressants should get their 3rd shot of Moderna or Pfizer now (September 2021).
Be proactive, educate yourself if you are uncertain about the vaccine (but read reputable sites and not the crazy anti-vaccine sites).

I know I’ll make enemies with that comment, but I don’t care. Speaking the truth and hopefully getting someone to save their life is more important than trying to appease those who disagree. As Dr. Anthony Fauci said on the news yesterday, speaking the truth is “Liberating” and “Let the science speak!”

And to Aldene, my vaccinator at United Medical Center, Washington DC, in the video … thank you for saving my life with this God-send!

I updated this post in September 2021. I am recommending the 3rd Moderna and Pfizer vaccines to all my patients who are on immunosuppressant drugs and to all my systemic lupus patients. Supposedly, I should be able to get mine on September 20, 2021, and I cannot wait! I have seen too much death and lingering effects from COVID-19. Dealing with the family members and loved ones who are devastated by the loss of loved ones is difficult. I wish all the vaccine nay-sayers had to care for COVID-19 patients and their families and see the devastation up close. It does not compare to the flu.

Here is my previous post about the vaccine and lupus patients:

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Don’t forget, getting vaccines to prevent deadly infections is part of the Lupus Secrets!

Let this be our motto:

“Fear COVID, Embrace the vaccine!”


Don Thomas, MD, author of “The Lupus Encyclopedia” and “The Lupus Secrets

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