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Dr. Thomas and “The Lupus Encyclopedia” As Featured In

Dr. Thomas and “The Lupus Encyclopedia” continuously strive to educate the public, patients, and healthcare providers about lupus and its impacts

The Balancing Act Show: Discover A New Treatment in the Fight Against Lupus Nephritis featuring Dr. Thomas

LifeTime TVs The Balancing Act

ABC WJLA 7 News On Your Side: Lupus Awareness Month 2021 interview with Dr. Thomas
WJLA ABC 7 News on Your Side

Lupus Nephritis: The Importance of Early Diagnosis featuring Dr. Thomas

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An Interview with Dr. Donald Thomas, Author of “The Lupus Encyclopedia”

Lupus and Women’s Health: From Puberty to Menopause

Sjögren’s An Overview Video 2021

Sjögren’s & Fatigue (Town Hall)

Fatigue and Sjögren’s 2019

Joint Pain and Sjögren’s

Lupus & You: Manage Your Stress With Lupus – Part One 

The Expert Series: Telehealth and Lupus 

The Expert Series: Managing and Preventing Flares 

Managing and Preventing Flares (plus a downloadable flare plan template) 

Hair loss in Lupus, Part 1

Hair Loss in Lupus, Part 2

Memory Problems in Lupus and What to do about them (May 2014)

Improving Memory (Johns Hopkins SEP 2014)

Click here to download Lupus Memory Improvement handout

Lupus The Expert Series: Telehealth & Lupus 

“Chasing Butterflies” by the Lupus Foundation DC/MD/VA Chapter (2014)

Lupus Fatigue, NAC Supplements & Mitochondria with Dr. Donald Thomas

Living Better and Longer with Lupus, “The Lupus Secrets,” Featuring Dr. Donald Thomas

Bringing Lupus Nephritis Out of the Shadows: Featuring Dr. Thomas; A life talk from Lupus LA + ALL IN


Bringing Lupus Nephritis Out of The Shadows

The Lupus Secrets: 3 Parts
Molly’s Fund Fighting Lupus:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

MoreThanLupus: Interview


“Lupus Secrets” Educational Event Featuring Dr. Don Thomas MD!

Revive & Thrive Symposium: Featuring Dr. Thomas and Molly McCabe

LFA Southern California Region:

Hair Loss & Self Image featuring Dr. Thomas

Prince George’s Community Television:

Lupus Interview with Donald Thomas, MD

Let’s Talk Sarcoidosis:

“What is sarcoidosis?” with Dr. Thomas


A Discussion on Lupus Flares VIDEO:

Chaim Putterman, MD and Donald Thomas, MD

A discussion on lupus flares TRANSCRIPT OF THE INTERVIEW:



“L.U.P.U.S.” Life’s Untapped Potential in US

A short film/documentary entitled “Awake + Risen,” was created to both encourage lupus warriors to continue pushing through their various unforeseen barriers and to motivate their family members and friends to be readily supportive.

Should Hydroxychloroquine Level Testing Be Standard Care in Lupus?

By Donald Thomas, MD, FACP, FACR

“New Insights into CD8+ T Cells & Lupus”

What’s Holding Back Biomarker Innovation, & How Can We Solve It?

My Health

University of California San Diego Health

CAR-T cell therapy Offers New Hope Against Lupus

Sjögren’s Advocate


Lupus LA

“Living Better and Longer with Lupus” [The Lupus Secrets] featuring Donald Thomas, MD


“5 Things To Know About Antimalarials for Lupus” by Donald Thomas, MD 


Consensus Guidelines for Evaluation and Management of Pulmonary Disease in Sjögren’s

Coauthored by Donald Thomas, MD

St. Marys Memorial High School Alumni

Alumni Hall of Fame: Academic or Professional Achievement (2019)

Donald Thomas truly appreciates this great honor from his fellow high school alumni, and especially his classmates, HS class of 1979

Nature Communications

Phase 1 double-blind randomized safety trial of the Janus kinase inhibitor tofacitinib in systemic lupus erythematosus

Coauthored by Donald Thomas, MD

Lupus Science & Medicine by the British Medical Journal

Low hydroxychloroquine blood levels in patients who have had gastric bypass surgery

by Donald Thomas, MD

Randomised prospective trial to assess the clinical utility of multianalyte assay panel with complement activation products for the diagnosis of SLE

Donald Thomas, MD, contributor

Lupus Foundation of America-Heartland Chapter:

“Living Longer and Better with Lupus”


“Lupus Secrets for Your Patients”

A summary of Dr. Thomas’ 2015 presentation about his “Lupus Secrets” for the European League Against Rheumatism (EULAR)

by Dr. Andy Thompson, MD, Associate Professor of Medicine, Western University